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Blocking Scam Calls

Blocking Scam Calls

In August 2015, a study by Trading Standards Scotland (TSS) found that older and more vulnerable people in Scotland received around 60 nuisance and scam calls per month - this is around 58% of all calls they receive.

TSS has subsequently received funding from the Scottish Government for the provision of call blocking devices which are to be allocated to older and vulnerable people in Scotland. These devices are easy to install and were found to block over 95% (233,334 out of 234,411 calls) of nuisance and scam calls.

Nuisance calls, and more specifically scam calls, can greatly increase the risk of financial, and physical, harm. Scam calls offering lucrative returns on investments including fine wine and precious jewels are designed to dupe people into parting with large sums of cash. It has also been reported that people are more likely to experience accidents or falls when rushing to answer the phone.

In addition, doorstep criminals are beginning to move into cold calling before turning up on someone’s doorstep. Call blocking technology can help prevent the initial call getting through in the first place, preventing a later visit at the door where in some cases, people have lost thousands of pounds. This all helps to reduce fear of crime and the fear that someone is watching their home, which can be intensified if a cold call is followed up with a visit.

With all of the above in mind, this technology can also reduce the need for affected individuals to move into residential care before they are ready. Pressure to do so can stem from family members simply being too worried that the individual is no longer able to look after themselves, either because of being scammed or as they have experienced too many accidents.

People involved in the study, their families and their professional carers reported that people are able to live independently for longer; the risk of financial harm is significantly reduced; the risk of trips, falls and distraction accidents are reduced; anxiety and stress is minimised for the people themselves, as well as their families and carers; and those living alone feel safer and more in control.

If you or someone you know would benefit from having a call blocker installed, fill out our online form and one of our officers will be back in touch within 28 days.

Please note that call blocker stock is limited and only available to individuals who are in vulnerable situations, e.g. mobility issues, lack of mental capacity, other specific health problems, and are experiencing a high number of nuisance calls or have previously fallen victim to a scam.  All requests will be individually assessed for eligibility.

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