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Business Advice

Local Trading Standards services provide protection for consumers and businesses across the UK, through enforcement, intervention and advice. In Scotland, they are currently delivered by small teams within local councils.

Trading standards work to maintain a fair trading environment by supporting legitimate business and addressing non-compliance. They offer advice to businesses that request it and pro-actively deliver business advice to traders when officers are undertaking normal duties. Local authority officers within each council area have a knowledge of their local trade which means that bespoke advice can be offered for their exact requirements.

Trading standards have a role in helping local business to ensure their long term economic sustainability, by protecting legitimate trade from rogue traders and providing advice and support to enable them to trade fairly.

If you a business owner in need of advice from trading standards, you can contact your local service directly.

Use the Find Local Advice search tool (on the left hand side of this page) to go to your local trading standards website or to find your local service.